English Biography


ryotaro is an accordionist, composer and performer. He uses MIDI-accordion; intermixing
accordion, synthesizer and programmed sounds to create compositions.
He has performed throughout Japan in Kobe, Osaka, Okayama, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, Nagasaki, Okinawa, Ohita, Sendai, Yokohama
Nagoya, Kanazawa, Nagano, Shiga, ectcat places such as
club METRO, Cafe Independents, UrBANGUILD, club ASIA, Star Pines Cafe and Grape Fruits Moon.
He was born in Osaka and currently resides in Kyoto.
He graduated in '96 from Kyoto Seika University. Soon afterwards he formed the band elements with
Max Dodds, Watanabe Michihisa, Mitsuru Nasuno, Toru Sanjyo and Yung Tsubotaj. elements has
performed all over Japan and recorded and released albums from AGENT CON-SIPIO
(Yukihiro Takahashi-YMO and Yohji Yamamoto)
He has also performed and recorded albums with the bands Alternate Symphony, trace elements and Picaresque.
He has collaborated and improvised with Take-bow (performer and table top guitarist),
Meri Ohtoshi (dancer), Mitsu Salmon (performer) as well as various other dancers, actors and painters.
He composed, played music and acted in the film gJellyfishh directed by Nadia Porcar,
which was screened at the Osaka European Film Festival in 2004.
In 2008, ryotaro released his 1st solo album gJelly, nico & Ih.

elements (1997-2010)

Max Dodds (vocal, guitar), Michihisa Watanabe (guitar), Mitsuru Nasuno (bass) and Toru Sanjyo (drums),
Yung Tsubotaj (percussion) and ryotaro (accordion, synthesizer).

Alternate Symphony (2003-2005)

Mitsuru Nasuno, Max Dodds and Kazuya Kotani and ryotaro (accordion, synthesizer).
Also played in concert with Haino Keiji, Yoshihide Ohtomo ,Kazuhisa Uchihashi  and Samm Bennett.

trace elements (1997-)

Max Dodds (vocal, guitar) and ryotaro (accordion, synthesizer).

Picaresque (2006-2009)

Chimaki (drums), Michiro Katayama (guitar) and ryotaro (accordion, vocals, synthesizer).

Album List
Year Band Album Label
'96 elements gFREEDOM CAPTUREDh Lemon Recordings
'97 elements gAnother Day Another Yearh Lemon Recordings
'98 elements gSAN PATRIEh Lemon Recordings
'00 elements gSingular Skyh AGENT CON-SIPIO
'03 elements gfreedom re-capturedh AGENT CON-SIPIO
'03 trace elements gbottle tracksh AGENT CON-SIPIO
'03 Alternate SymphonygAll night symphonyh Peace Records
'04 elements gMACHINATIONSh Deight records
'08 ryotaro g Jelly, nico & i g Nico records
'11 biroudoneko "Uneri"(1song)
'12 FRYING DUTCHMAN "ChinpunKanpun" (1song)

Collaborative work with


Andy Couzens (UK)
Armelle Dousset (France)
Carlos Guerra (Spain)
Chimaki (Ultra Bide /Japan)
Damo Suzuki (Japan)
Frantz Loriot (France)
Hugues Vincent (France)
ieva (France)
Jerry Gordon (US)
Kazutoki Umezu (Japan)
Kazuhisa Uchihashi (Japan)
Keiji Haino (Japan)
Kosuke Shimizu (mama!milk /Japan)
Manuel Bienvenu (France)
Milkymee (France)
Misa Shimomura (Japan)
Mitsuru Nasuno (Japan)
Naoki Nishimura (Shang Shang Typhoon /Japan)
Ris de veau (France)
Saiko Miyajima (Japan)
Samm Bennett. (US)
Toru Sanjyo (EP-4, NENES /Japan)
Yoshihide Ohtomo (Japan)
Yung Tsubotaj (EP-4 /Japan)


Begona Castro(flamenco/ Spain)
Bridget Scott (UK)
Emmi Venna (Finland)
Katsura Kan (Butoh /Japan)
Mitsu Salmon (US)
Meri Ohtoshi (Japan)
Sanae Kuroko (Japan)
Tamango (Tap /US)
Tenko Ima (Butoh /Japan)
Yangjah (Japan/Korea)
Yasuo Fukurozaka (Butoh /Japan)
Yuma (Belly /Japan)


Akito Sengoku (Japan)
Ayano Ichiyanagi (Japan)
Ikko Taniuchi (Japan)
Jiro Fukunishi (Japan)
Mellow Ashida (Japan)
Sayoko Hirano (Japan)

and more & more.....